Art Collection    Architecture

Date :

June 2018

Medium : 

Framed Print, Exhibition

Yes, everybody knows this building and this composition feels familiar and almost trite.
But it takes an educated eye to see that there is no horizontal perspective on the facade of the centre George Pompidou. This image is purely possible thanks to digital work.

As I’ve studied Architecture, the goal for this first part of the research was to mix the simple eye of the pedestrian and the technical knowledge of the architect. Professionals will immediately spot that it ressembles an “elevation”, a technical drawing without perspective that is used to describe sections of the project.

The research process took two month even before being able to assemble the whole image. I had to find the right tools and precision to take a linear image every meter of the facade. It also has to be done on a very short period of time, less than an hour, because the nature of the light changes very quickly. 
For this particular site, I ended up shooting 55 clichés of the facade and about ten other seperate elements that I had to divide on a precise grid and blend them manualy on Photoshop. There is, yet, no software to blend autonomously this kind of images.

I feel like the process shows the work behind the machine and that the result may be more lively than a very good CGI version an architect would use. I give a thruthful view of the building and at the same time a very technical and scientific approach. 

As this project is a long time process and it’s made to please a very specific audience, I’m aiming to create one composition a year. The whole serie is yet to be decided, which buildings are next?

Research Process: