STUDIO Camille Lemonnier Art And Photography

After graduating from SPEOS Paris in July 2018 with honors , I established my work in Oct. 2018 as a young french photographer aiming to conquer the viewer through scale and composition.

Studio CLAAP is a versatile medium which focuses it’s production on architecture and product photography. This two subjects are two distinctive way of working, one using mostly natural light, the second in studio with a more controlled approach. But the idea stays the same: offering a good understanding of the scale, the materials and the aim of the designer’s intent.

In a era where everything is constantly shifting through remarquable technological researches and developments, I believe it’s a chance to flow with it. Photography does not bypass this tendency and staying alerted to the latest innovations is my way of improving my work and understanding my work field.

Through collaboration and the study of other’s skills, I try to find innovative ideas to show my vision of branding and marketing. I find projects that push the boundaries of those two fields and creates an atmosphere that would reflect them in a respectful, true and imaginative ways.

75017, Paris - France