Date :

Sept. 2018

Medium :

Print Magazine 

The issue of the magazine was all about food and shoes. Each photographer had a pair to shoot and a theme to select : Foodporn, Seaworld, Chinatown, ...

All the pairs where sitting next to each other on a table and I immediatly spoted the texture of a silver shining pair. It reminded me of those scary scales on these long and abyssal fishes, so I chose to create a deep sea monster with the shoes from Accessoire Diffusion.
I went to my local fishermen and ask if he had any left overs from the day. One of the head was a perfect match.  To mimic the “tongue” of the fish I cracked open its head from the bottom and inserted carefully the prototype/not disclosed shoe into its jaw. Wraped around plastic bubble, I could hear the air poping out of them when it hit the razorblade teeth -- I felt like “that’s alright it’s not my hand”. 

Most people don’t see where the shoe is so I think I got the blending part right. The tongue is actually the shoe seen from the top. I feel like this is one my still life where I produced the exact image I had in my head in the first place.

I really enjoyed the “carte blanche” and producing this dark idea.